Welcome to SRI AMMAN FIBRES – Crafting Nature's Treasures Since 2014!

Founded in the serene town of Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, in 2014, SRI AMMAN FIBRES is a distinguished manufacturer specializing in coir fibre and cocopeat. Our journey began with a vision to blend tradition and innovation, preserving the legacy of coir fibre and cocopeat production while embracing modern sustainability.

As stewards of nature, we take pride in our premium-quality coir fibre and cocopeat products, which have found their place in various industries such as agriculture, horticulture, and eco-friendly solutions. Our state-of-the-art facilities combine time-honoured craftsmanship with advanced technology, ensuring that the innate properties of these natural wonders are retained while meeting the demands of contemporary applications.

Our team of skilled artisans and experts continues the region’s rich heritage of coir fibre and cocopeat production, integrating age-old practices with modern techniques. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, we practice sustainable sourcing and production methods, reflecting our dedication to a greener future.

At SRI AMMAN FIBRES, you’re not just accessing products; you’re joining a movement that celebrates nature’s gifts and contributes to a more sustainable planet. Explore our diverse range of coir fibre and cocopeat offerings, each meticulously crafted to enhance your projects, gardens, and ventures.

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